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So how exactly will I help you?

I’ve always hated the word “consulting.” Doesn’t everyone “consult” in some way?

So allow me to better explain.

You’re a small business. An up and coming brand. You’ve gotten through the hardest part of launching your business but you’re ready to grow more.

You’ve tried some things that have worked. You’ve tried others that haven’t. You need a little help in this and a little help in that. And that’s where I come in.


What tends to get overlooked most is understanding what your brand is. When you launched your company, you had a certain vision. But the reality doesn’t always match the vision. Sometimes the customers aren’t exactly who you thought they’d be. And your customers may not see you the way you expected them to.

So I always love to start with the basics – identifying your brand. Your DNA. Who you are. How your customers see you. And then how to enhance your brand even more.

Take a quick read of what I’ve written in the past on branding. It will give you an idea of where I’m coming from.

Products and Sourcing

What tends to get most taken for granted by businesses is their product. No company survives without a great product. Read that again.

No company survives without a great product.

I wrote about it extensively here and a little more right here. And I recommend taking a quick read about it now.

Generally speaking, you need to get your product figured out. You need to admit its shortcomings and make them better. And then you need to figure out where to get it made.

One of my strengths is my resourcefulness in finding manufacturers to make your product, helping you communicate with them and ensuring that you don’t get screwed by them. (Yes, I just wrote “screwed” on a professional consulting website.)


There’s a lot of noise out there right now. More money was spent in 2016 on online market than ever before. And it’s not letting up. Plus you have to deal with the Amazon Elephant in the room.

But before we even get there, there’s a lot of baseline marketing that you need to at least be at to play ball. And I’ve found that not quite everyone is there.

So once I get you there, we can start talking about some more creative and strategic forms of marketing including working with PR, influencers, collaborations and email address acquisition.